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Jun 21 2013

Being Uncomfortable.

I’ve never blogged before, but I really wanted to share my experiences here at TFA because the stories I’ve heard and the things I’ve experienced are amazing. Institute (AKA teacher training) is rough; I’m talking about 12 hours days on top of homework and lesson planning…I barely have time to sleep, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with this so I can keep everyone updated!
I’m currently in Cleveland, MS. I just finished my second week here at TFA institute and the best word that I think can sum up what I’m feeling/what I have experienced so far is “uncomfortable”. Now, before you start thinking I’m miserable and hating every second of this experience, I want to acknowledge the fact that being uncomfortable is not always a bad thing. Sure, there’s the uncomfortable kind of feeling when you’re in the scorching sun, sweating, and no way to escape…

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